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Heat Sink Bonding Epoxy Adhesive

Electronic devices have become part of every-day use.  Their design complexities, miniaturization, power consumption, and thermal management issues challenge OEM engineers. The 70-3812NC Aluminum Filled Epoxy Adhesive has been specifically designed for bonding heat sinks that require high thermal conductivity and strong structural bonds.

In addition to providing strong bonds and thermal conductivity, the 70-3812NC passes NASA’S outgassing requirements per ASTM E-595-07.  The viscosity of this material is ideal for bonded fin heat sink applications and pipe bonding in extruded aluminum base applications.

The 70-3812NC is a two component epoxy system formulated to be cured at room temperature or with mild heat.  The 10:1 mix ratio is easy for batch mixing or utilizing Meter Mix and Dispense Equipment.

Samples are readily available and ship within three days.