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Flexible Urethane Potting Compounds Are Replacing Silicones

A series of flexible urethane elastomers are replacing high cost silicones in many electronic applications.  Like silicones, the 20-2330 Urethane Series provides flexibility and elongation for potting and encapsulating applications.  Unlike silicones, the urethanes provide better abrasion resistance, adhesion, and are not subject to cure inhibition when exposed to sulfur, amines and tin salts.

The 20-2330 Series range in hardness from Shore A 30-90.  They have a low glass transition temperature of -70°C and excellent hydrolytic stability.  Similar to silicones the products provide low embedment stress to sensitive electronic components.

Engineers no longer have to specify high cost silicones for applications requiring low durometer materials. The 20-2330 Urethane Elastomers are low in durometer and offer additional  benefits. Silicones are still a good choice in high temperature (135° to 200°C) applications that require soft materials.

Epoxies, Etc. has been formulating epoxy, urethane, and silicone solutions for electronic circuitry and assemblies for over 25 years.  Contact our technical service engineers to learn more about the 20-2330 Urethane Series.  Samples are available and ship within three days.