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Epoxy Potting Compound Resists Thermal Cycling

Easy to use, two part epoxy resin 20-3301 provides electronic assemblies protection from severe thermal cycling and shock.  It passes the difficult Navy Hex Bar Test, MIL-I16923C which consists of 10 cycles from -55 to 155°C.  This toughened epoxy is low in viscosity and therefore flows quickly around components while giving users a long working time of 4-6 hours.

This product is superior to most room temperature curing epoxies in terms of chemical resistance, wide service temperature range, electrical insulation, and overall physical properties.  20-3301 is typically cured at 80°C for 1-2 hours; however a post cure of 150°C for 3 hours will enhance performance properties.

20-3301 applications include electronic potting and encapsulating, casting, coating, and electrical varnishes.  This epoxy system is a good choice for high temperature applications that require a material that is not rigid or brittle.