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UV Curable - Illumabond

Listed below are several one-component UV curable coatings, adhesives, and potting compounds. Epoxies, Etc’s UV curable epoxy systems do not require the addition of curing agents, cure within minutes or even seconds, and have unlimited working times. Not all products are listed, and custom UV curable formulations are available upon consultation.  Illumabond is a trademark of Epoxies, Etc.

Item # Short Description Viscosity, cP Hardness Cure Schedule Operating Temperature Range, °C PDF
UV Urethane Resin with good adhesion and toughness3,00078D12 Seconds with UV Cure 100 Spot Cure-50 to +155download
Electronic grade material designed for applications requiring a low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE).30,000-40,00090D50 mil thick section: UV 100 Spot Cure 30 seconds - 5W power UV Cure Conveyor 2 passes 20 fpm - 300 Watts/in medium pressure Hg Mercury Vapor Lamp-50 to +155download
Non-Yellowing clear UV adhesive or potting compound80080D12 Seconds with UV Cure 100 Spot Cure-50 to +155download
Flexible non-yellowing urethane with good water resistance3,50080A/30D10 Seconds with UV Cure 100 Spot Cure-50 to +155download
Low viscosity urethane adhesive and potting compound3,00050D2 Seconds with UV Cure 100 Spot Cure-50 to +155download
Cures with black light or high intensity UV lamps1,00070D15 Minutes With Black Light or 10 seconds with UV Cure 100 Spot Cure-50 to +200download
Flexible version of the 60-7155, low in viscosity60095A2-5 Seconds with UV Cure 100 Spot Cure-50 to +200download
Non-Sag UV Adhesive bonds well to aluminum20,00082D2-5 Seconds with UV Cure 100 Spot Cure-40 to +135download
Low viscosity UV Coating that resists yellowing45075D20-30 Seconds with UV 100 Spot Cure-40 to +135download
UV Cure epoxy designed for bonding or potting electronics4,50070D15 Minutes With Black Light or 10 seconds with UV Cure 100 Spot Cure-50 to +200download

Having trouble deciding on which of our UV Curable products best meets your requirements? Then let us assist you in selecting a product by using our online Product Selection Form. If we do not have an existing product that meets your requirements, we will develop one!

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