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FreezeBond - Premixed & Frozen Epoxies

Many of our two-component adhesives and potting compounds are packaged premixed and frozen in single barrel syringes. The FreezeBond™ system guarantees consistent results and quality.

Key Features of FreezeBond™ syringes:

  • Eliminates improper ratios and mixing errors
  • Reduces material waste
  • Eliminates employee contact with resins
  • No air bubbles; improved quality
  • Arrives ready to use

The list below is a small representation of products packaged in FreezeBond™. Please contact us to learn more about the possibility of using FreezeBond™ premixed and frozen with other products.

Item # Short Description Application Chemistry Color PDF
Ultra clear epoxy adhesiveAdhesiveEpoxyCleardownload
Water clear silicone with a low viscosityPotting & EncapsulatingSiliconeCleardownload
Low density (light weight) epoxy syntactic foamPotting & EncapsulatingEpoxyBlackdownload
Wide service temperature range, thermal shock resistantPotting & EncapsulatingEpoxyClear/Amberdownload
Ultra-clear epoxy with UV protectors to minimize yellowingPotting & EncapsulatingEpoxyCleardownload
Two component silver filled epoxy adhesiveElectrically ConductiveEpoxySilverdownload
UL 94 V-0 Listed EpoxyThermally ConductiveEpoxyBlackdownload
Flexible epoxy potting and encapsulating systemThermally ConductiveEpoxyBlackdownload

Having trouble deciding on which of our products best meets your requirements? Then let us assist you in selecting a product by using our online Product Selection Form. If we do not have an existing product that meets your requirements, we will develop one!

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