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10-3062 Suitable for Food Packaging Industry

10-3062by Epoxies, Etc., is a two component epoxy compound that is easy to use and a good solution for applications where proper handling of wet or dry food materials is important.  10-3062 meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations permitting use in “indirect” food contact applications.  The raw materials used in this product comply with the FDA regulations of Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations under Sections 175.105 and 175.300.

10-3062 is very effective as a sealant or adhesive for use with stainless steel and most plastics commonly used in the food preparation or packing industries.  It is available in the dual barrel TriggerBond® system and is therefore easily dispensed and cured with no weighing or mixing.

10-3062 cures at room temperature in 24 hours and the cure time can be accelerated with heat.


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Raw materials comply with FDA standards for indirect food contact
  • Room temperature curing
  • Available in TriggerBond® dual cartridge dispensing system

If Your Electronic Components Are Melting Under Pressure – Epoxies, Etc. Can Help

Electronics can produce a lot of heat. Epoxies, Etc. offers a solution with several thermally conductive potting compounds that protect your electronic components from the damages of overheating, stress and shock. They transfer heat well, have low shrinkage and exotherm, and excellent electrical insulation properties.

Each product was designed with unique characteristics to make it a good fit for a certain type of application.

Flexible Silicone Potting Compound (1:1 mix ratio) with outstanding heat transfer and electrical properties from -65 to +235°C. It is solvent free and therefore will not release by-products on cure making it safer to handle than many of its counterparts and non-regulated for transport.

UL listed Flame Retardant Polyurethane Potting Compound with excellent heat transfer and water resistance. This product is great for outdoor use.

UL listed Flame Retardant Epoxy Potting Compound which transfers heat very quickly, has outstanding moisture and chemical resistance, and is free of bromine, halogen, and antimony. It is also compliant with REACH and RoHS standards. Ideal for encapsulating power supplies, transformers, coils, sensors, and more.

Flame Retardant Epoxy Resin (1:1) designed for ease of use. It is semi-rigid offering excellent shock and vibration resistance and great thermal transfer.

Filled Epoxy Potting and Encapsulating Compound with very low thermal expansion, outstanding electrical insulation, and high thermal conductivity. This material is ideal for high voltage applications. It meets NASA’s outgassing requirements.

Samples are available by contacting

Don’t Sweat Extreme Temperatures – 20-1650 Silicone Potting and Encapsulating Compound Can Withstand the Heat

20-1650, by Epoxies, Etc., is a two component silicone elastomer designed specifically for applications where a large amount of heat is emitted such as in oil drilling or high voltage assemblies. Even for a silicone, which can operate under fairly high temperatures, 20-1650 outperforms. It operates in environments from -65°C to +300°C (or up to 572° F).

20-1650 has been specially formulated for increased thermal stability. It is very soft and flexible and moves with components, rather than cracking or shrinking under stress. This makes 20-1650 perfect for potting or encapsulating delicate components.

Other benefits to using this material include its easy 1:1 mix ratio, its relatively quick and air-free cure, and its ability to cure in deep sections (beyond 1-2 inches).

In a world increasingly concerned with the reduction of toxic chemicals and the expense of shipping them, 20-1650 has the advantage of being solvent free so it is safer to handle than many potting systems and is non-regulated for shipping.

• Unusually high operating temperature range
• Flexibility offers great vibration resistance
• Cures in thick sections
• Non-corrosive
• Good air release
• Easy 1:1 mix ratio
• Low in toxicity
• Not hazardous to ship