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FreezeBond Premixed and Frozen Epoxies

DryIceVerticalNewaReleaseFreezeBond is offered by Epoxies, Etc. to eliminate the downside of working with two component adhesives and potting compounds.  This packaging option is being incorporated into many adhesive and potting processes due to the elimination of waste, reduced worker exposure to chemicals, and improved quality.

With FreezeBond there is no more weighing or mixing of two component materials.  Epoxies, Etc. does all of the preparation in its quality controlled environment. The two components of the epoxy or silicone system are premixed together in the correct ratio, all air is removed, the air free material is packaged in a ready to use syringe, and then frozen to stop the chemical reaction.  The premixed and frozen syringes are shipped on dry ice and stored in a freezer at -40°C.  The syringes are removed from the freezer just prior to dispensing.

Epoxies, Etc. is offering the FreezeBond system with many of its two component epoxy and silicone formulations.  Syringe sizes range from 3cc to 55cc and some select products are available in larger 6 ounce cartridges.  This packaging also allows users to maintain lower inventory levels and not have to dispose of any hazardous materials.