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Premixed and Frozen Epoxy Video, FreezeBond

March 15, 2016

A video has been created explaining the quality process behind the creation of the FreezeBond® premixed and frozen syringes.  A premixed and frozen epoxy adhesive eliminates waste, reduces worker exposure to chemicals, and improves quality.  With FreezeBond there is no more weighing or mixing of two component materials.  Epoxies, Etc. does all of the preparation in its quality […]

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Epoxy Potting Compound Resists Thermal Cycling

January 14, 2016

Easy to use, two part epoxy resin 20-3301 provides electronic assemblies protection from severe thermal cycling and shock.  It passes the difficult Navy Hex Bar Test, MIL-I16923C which consists of 10 cycles from -55 to 155°C.  This toughened epoxy is low in viscosity and therefore flows quickly around components while giving users a long working […]

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FreezeBond Premixed and Frozen Epoxies

December 17, 2015

FreezeBond is offered by Epoxies, Etc. to eliminate the downside of working with two component adhesives and potting compounds.  This packaging option is being incorporated into many adhesive and potting processes due to the elimination of waste, reduced worker exposure to chemicals, and improved quality. With FreezeBond there is no more weighing or mixing of two […]

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Clear, Easy-Mix Epoxy With Flexibility Properties

December 10, 2015

With a balance of properties not found in most adhesives, our clear, easy-mix 20-3237 epoxy is ideal for a wide range of potting, bonding and encapsulating applications. These properties,including flexibility, low exotherm and long working time, allow theepoxy to work in applications that typically favor silicone or urethane. Good flexibility. 20-3237’s flexibility fights vibration and mechanical shock in […]

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Adhesives Packaged in Single-Barrel Syringes for Ease of Use

November 5, 2015

Mixing a two-component adhesive or potting compound isn’t always practical. Some applications have tiny parts that simply don’t need large volumes of adhesive. Others require only intermittent dispensing.In these cases, a two-component product’s weighing, mixing and de-airing steps may not be worth the time and trouble. What’s more, each of these preparation steps has the […]

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UV Epoxy Adhesive Cures More Ways Than One

June 19, 2015

June 18, 2015 – UV curable adhesives have a lot going for them. As single-component systems, they eliminate the possibility of mixing errors. They’re also easy to dispense, with many bonding and potting products available in syringe dispensers. Conventional UV curable adhesives, however, can also have a dark side—literally. Because these adhesives need direct exposure […]

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