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Silver Filled Epoxy vs. Solder

SyringeswithDispenserHolderandNeedles_Cropped_0x250Silver-filled epoxy adhesives are being used to replace solder in a number of applications. Due to their broader processability, electrically conductive adhesives can be an excellent option to solder in either a manufacturing setting or a repair operation.

Conductive epoxy tends to be less brittle than solder and there is much less likelihood of wicking up leads during application. Epoxy adhesives do not require flux and can adhere to surfaces that are not practical for traditional soldering (aluminum, glass, ceramics).

Silver epoxies can cure at room temperature or low elevated temperatures, making them ideal for processing on heat sensitive substrates. Because there is less shrinkage, conductive epoxy creates less stress at the bond area.

40-3900 and 40-3905 are two component epoxy adhesives filled with pure silver. They are lead free and contain no VOC’s. They have been engineered to satisfy the requirements of many demanding bonding applications that require electrical and thermal conductivity. The conductive silver epoxy products are often selected as cold solder replacement adhesives for heat sensitive components.