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Optically Clear Potting Compounds

Epoxies, Etc. formulates a variety of solutions for applications that require water clear potting compounds. Epoxies, Etc. offers optically clear silicones, urethanes, and epoxies that could work for your application. Below are details on three potting compounds, click on the part number to get more information on the product.
Optically clear, low viscosity silicone that offers customers an easy 1:1 mix ratio. This silicone provides a soft, flexible potting compound that won’t put stress on components and will not yellow over time. Great for high temperature (200°C) applications. Offered in TriggerBond™ cartridges.

Water clear urethane with excellent environment resistance and low viscosity. This 1:1, non-yellowing compound offers excellent adhesion and flexibility and is a great choice for outdoor applications that will see extended UV exposure or extreme weather. Offered in TriggerBond™ cartridges.

Very low viscosity, water clear potting compound. This rigid epoxy offers the highest adhesion and best chemical resistance of the optically clear potting compounds. Easy to work with 2:1 mix ratio cures bubble free and glass smooth. Offered in TriggerBond™ cartridges.

To request a sample of one of these materials, or to ask an expert on which clear product would be best for your application, please fill out Epoxies, Etc.’s Sample Request Form