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Make Potted Parts Weigh Less

LightAsAFeather_150x166Lightweight (syntactic) potting compounds have been used for years in electronics due to their exceptional strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, buoyancy and water resistance. They feature low dielectric constant, low shrinkage on cure, low moisture absorption, outstanding thermal and mechanical shock resistance and weight savings. Similar chemistries have also been used in the manufacture of flotation devices and aerospace composites.

These unique polymers are made by incorporating hollow glass microspheres into a proprietary resin blend. Once cured, the polymer is thermally insulating, more transparent to electronics transmission and capable of withstanding temperatures between -65C and 235C (silicone).

A syntactic epoxy foam can end up being up to 1/3 the weight of a highly filled thermally conductive epoxy. If heat transfer is not needed and weight savings is necessary for design optimization, these easy to use, closed cell potting compounds are the best choices.

20-3035 is a two component epoxy that can be used with a variety of curing agents to create a tough, thermally insulative and lightweight casting.

20-1634 is a two component silicone potting compound that provides flexible and stress free castings capable of operating over a very broad temperature range.