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Low-Outgassing Epoxy Adhesives

opticallens_440x300Low outgassing Epoxy Adhesives and Epoxy Potting Compounds are sometimes required in aerospace, optical, and electro-optical applications.  NASA has set the standard for testing when it comes to outgassing requirements.  The two measurements that are used to screen materials are the Total Mass Loss (TML) and Collected Volatile Condensable Materials (CVCM) of the epoxy adhesive.

The NASA standard requirement is the Epoxy Adhesive or Epoxy Potting Compound must have a TML of less than 1% and CVCM of less than 0.1%.  Epoxies, Etc. has a number of products that meet NASA’s Low-Outgassing standard.  View the NASA Low-Outgassing Compliant Epoxies Bulletin to learn more about these products.

Samples of these products are available and ship within three business days.