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Epoxy potting compounds are used to protect electronics from dust, moisture and chemicals. They can also insulate, conduct heat or provide protection from physical or thermal shock.

Filling a large electronic assembly with an epoxy potting compound can be especially challenging due to the large mass. Selecting the wrong epoxy mixture can lead to a dangerous exothermic reaction or too much shrinkage. An exothermic reaction can produce enough heat to damage the components that the epoxy was intended to protect. Excess shrinkage can create stress on components or create cracks in the epoxy when cured.

50-3150FR, when cured with Catalyst 12, was designed to overcome these challenges. This flame retardant, thermally conductive epoxy has a low mixed viscosity that makes it easy to create a void free fill in a deep section. Specially selected fillers in the formulation help to not only conduct heat, but also minimize the heat generated during the reaction. Since there is minimal shrinkage upon curing at room temperature, the 50-3150FR does not create any stress on delicate components.

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